Publications & Reports

Consumer & Retail Research

Consumer/Automotive Services (Craig Kennison, CFA)
  • Arctic Cat Dealer Survey
  • Boat Dealer Survey
  • The Boat Note
  • BRP Dealer Survey
  • CarMax Used Car Preview
  • Harley-Davidson Dealer Survey
  • Polaris Dealer Survey
  • RV Dealer Survey
  • RV Retail/Wholesale Reports
Footwear & Apparel (Jonathan Komp)
  • Boardsport Report
  • Shoe Review Report
Hardline & Broadline Retail (Peter Benedict)
  • Baird Quarterly Pet Supply Retailer and Vendor Surveys
  • Baird Quarterly Sporting Goods Retailer and Vendor Surveys
  • Baird Quarterly Farm/Ranch Supply Retailer Survey
Restaurants (David Tarantino, CFA)
  • Baird Restaurants Survey
  • Restaurants Commodity Tracker
Softline & Department Store Retail (Mark Altschwager, CFA)
  • Annual Handbag Survey

Baird Research Coverage List

Investment Strategy Outlook

Portfolio Strategy

  • From Brian F. Rauscher, CFA, Chief Portfolio Strategist
  • Provides strategic overviews of the U.S. equity markets.