Consumer Market Commentary from the
Baird Trading Desk

  • Sent by: Brent Sullivan and Matt Charles, Consumer Position Trader
  • Sent daily at: 6:30 a.m. CT
  • Contents include: recap of previous day consumer market catalysts, subsector active stocks & commentary, recap of overnight Baird consumer research

Bull & Baird Market Blog

  • Created by: Michael Antonelli, Market Strategist
  • Timely, sporadic posts about current market happenings
  • View/Subscribe: Bull & Baird Blog
  • Follow him on Twitter for additional insights: @BullandBaird

Weekly Market Notes

  • Sent by: Bruce Bittles, Chief Market Strategist, and William Delwiche, Market Strategist
  • Sent weekly
  • Contents include: commentary on and outlook for domestic economic indicators and financial markets based on macro catalysts, investor sentiment, seasonality, technical analysis

Baird Share Repurchase News

  • Sent by: John Roesner, Director of Corporate Repurchases
  • Sent monthly
  • Contents include: macro summary of buyback activity, current trends, sector breakdowns and Baird’s perspective