Fox Factory Holding Corp.
Baird Bought and Placed Over 4 Million Shares to Provide Liquidity for
FOXF Shareholders

  • Traded up 5.5% on its first day of trading post-offer
  • Baird priced the deal at a discount to last trade of 7.7%
  • Placed ~75% of the shares to new investors and allowed current holders to increase their positions
  • The offering provided $80mm+ of liquidity for holders Compass Group and Robert Fox
  • Baird’s institutional salesforce made over 400 calls to 150+ different investors
  • The transaction marked Baird’s third offering for Fox Factory since acting as the lead bookrunner on the initial public offering in 2013

Bought Deals are The New Reality

  • 45% of follow-on offerings YTD have been executed through bought deal transactions
  • Baird provides liquidity to existing shareholders by efficiently executing these transactions
  • Baird is increasing the existing shareholder base and adding new investors for issuers

Baird has participated in 6 bought deal offerings in 2016, raising nearly $1 billion

To learn more about Baird’s Equity Financing capabilities, click here.


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